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Digamont partners with GoCardless
Digamont Partners with GoCardless

At Digamont, our commitment to providing streamlined financial solutions takes a significant leap fo…

Digamont interview for
How can anyone improve their own financial health? meeting the creators of ViziWealth We are excited to share our recent interview with Usp…

Sofia Wise in partnership with digamont
SofiaWise offers free access to ViziWealth

Financial planning plays a crucial role in securing a stable and prosperous future. It empowers indi…

Our solutions

ViziWealth: The collaborative financial planning tool for the entire family

  • Visualize your wealth
  • Plan your future
  • Share with family
  • Get expert advise on financial goals
ViziWealth: Plan your best financial future

Our mission

  • We are turning ideas into new digital solutions that are enriching people’s lives.
  • We believe digital solutions can bring value to our everyday life, save time and open space for more meaningful activities.
  • We blend together exceptional design, cutting edge technologies and efficient software practices to create applications that  strengthen your digital comfort.

Our mission is to transform concepts into innovative digital solutions that enhance the quality of people’s lives. Our firm conviction is that digital solutions hold the potential to add value to our daily routines, save time, and provide opportunities for more fulfilling endeavors. By combining outstanding design, state-of-the-art technologies, and streamlined software practices, we craft applications that elevate your digital experience.