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How can anyone improve their own financial health?

We are excited to share our recent interview with, where we had the opportunity to dive into the story behind Digamont and our flagship project, ViziWealth. Founded by Tsvetelina, Zornitsa, Petyo, and Lucho, Digamont is a company committed to providing solutions that give meaning to people’s digital presence.

At the core of our efforts lies ViziWealth, a multi-platform application available on the web, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. ViziWealth aims to enhance and manage the financial health of individuals and their families. What sets ViziWealth apart from other personal finance management solutions is its holistic approach to long-term financial planning. While many solutions focus on budgeting and short-term goals, ViziWealth combines a digital solution with professional support services in the financial domain.

ViziWealth - The financial planning platform on mobile and web.

By leveraging open banking technology, ViziWealth automates the collection and categorization of information from various bank accounts, allowing users to gain quick insights into their spending habits and adapt their financial strategies accordingly. Our goal is to empower individuals with a comprehensive view of their finances, facilitating long-term financial stability.

Personal Journey

During the interview, we also shared the personal journey that led us to develop ViziWealth. In the midst of the pandemic, we experienced heightened uncertainty about our own financial well-being and the future of our families. As individuals with children and financial responsibilities, we realized the lack of a clear understanding of our overall financial situation, including investments and assets. This realization motivated us to seek a solution that would consolidate this information, enabling us to formulate our financial needs and goals, ultimately leading to the birth of ViziWealth.

We continue to refine and expand ViziWealth based on user feedback and evolving market needs. We deeply value the insights and experiences shared by our customers, as they contribute to the ongoing improvement of our application. We encourage anyone interested to try ViziWealth for free and share their impressions with us.
When asked about why we chose to establish our business in Bulgaria, we explained that being born and raised in Bulgaria, we have a deep connection to the country and a desire to address specific issues and opportunities within the local context. With ViziWealth, we aim to tackle the issue of financial health, recognizing the importance of financial literacy and stability in Bulgaria.

Digamont staff working on ViziWealth platform for personal financial wellness.

The Bulgarian business environment has proven advantageous for us, providing access to a diverse range of experts and resources. The entrepreneurial community in Bulgaria is vibrant and supportive, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. However, we also highlighted the need for streamlined administrative procedures and greater support for startups, ensuring that more entrepreneurial individuals can thrive and build successful businesses within the country.

Values and Principles

Reflecting on our values, we highlighted four guiding principles that unite us as a company:

  • “Learn and be brave”
  • “Create quality and meaning”
  • “Work smart and enjoy life”
  • “Trust and respect others”

These values underpin our mission of transforming ideas into digital solutions that positively impact people’s lives.

Dispelling the myth of entrepreneurs working 16+ hour days, we acknowledged that while there are periods when circumstances demand extra effort and dedication, we prioritize maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Our focus is on being efficient and productive within our physical capabilities and ensuring time for family, health, and personal enjoyment.

When faced with challenges, we emphasized the importance of adapting plans to the circumstances and leveraging the knowledge and network within our team. Conversations with diverse individuals often bring new ideas and alternative perspectives, guiding us in exploring different avenues and finding solutions.

We concluded the interview by discussing the role of our website in growing our business. Recognizing the essential role of online presence in today’s digital landscape, we emphasized that our product, ViziWealth, thrives through its online platform. Our website serves as a hub of information, not only providing details about the application but also hosting an “Academy” section where we publish content aimed at enhancing users’ financial literacy.

As we work towards creating a more meaningful digital life, we remain dedicated to developing ViziWealth and offering valuable financial management solutions to individuals and families in Bulgaria and beyond.

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