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Digamont Joined BESCO

This partnership signifies Digamont’s commitment to supporting and empowering entrepreneurs in the Bulgarian startup ecosystem.

BESCO – The Bulgarian Entrepreneurial Association serves as a vital bridge connecting startups, private and institutional investors, the government, and other stakeholders in the innovation industry. As a member of BESCO, Digamont gains access to a dynamic network of entrepreneurs, industry experts, and potential investors, further bolstering its position as a key player in the Bulgarian startup landscape.

“We are excited to become an official member of BESCO,” said Tsvetelina Peteva,CEO at Digamont. “By joining BESCO, we strengthen our commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and driving innovation in Bulgaria. This partnership opens doors to valuable networking opportunities, access to funding resources, and a supportive community that shares our passion for fostering startup growth and success.”

BESCO plays a pivotal role in promoting entrepreneurship education, advocating for smart policies, and providing valuable resources and support to startups. As an active member, Digamont will contribute to shaping the entrepreneurial ecosystem by participating in events, workshops, and forums organized by BESCO. The collaboration aims to foster knowledge exchange, facilitate strategic partnerships, and create an environment that nurtures startup innovation and growth.

By aligning with BESCO, Digamont gains a platform to showcase its financial management solution ViziWealth, connect with potential investors, and access funding opportunities that can accelerate its growth trajectory. Furthermore, the membership reinforces Digamont’s commitment to the success of the Bulgarian startup community, as the company actively engages in initiatives that promote entrepreneurial excellence and contribute to the overall development of the innovation industry.

About BESCO:

BESCO, the Bulgarian Entrepreneurial Association, is a non-governmental organization that serves as a crucial link between startups, private and institutional investors, the government, and other stakeholders in the innovation industry. Founded with the mission to support and empower entrepreneurs, BESCO plays a vital role in fostering a thriving ecosystem for startups and facilitating collaboration between key players in the Bulgarian entrepreneurial landscape.

BESCO – The Bulgarian Entrepreneurial Association

The primary objectives of BESCO include:

  • Networking and Collaboration: BESCO provides a platform for entrepreneurs to connect, network, and collaborate with like-minded individuals, industry experts, and potential investors. Through events, workshops, and forums, BESCO creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and form valuable partnerships.
  • Advocacy and Representation: As the voice of the entrepreneurial community, BESCO represents the interests of startups and entrepreneurs at various levels. The organization actively engages with policymakers, regulators, and government agencies to advocate for policies and initiatives that support the growth and success of the startup ecosystem in Bulgaria.
  • Access to Funding and Resources: BESCO strives to bridge the gap between startups and investors by facilitating access to funding opportunities. The association connects entrepreneurs with private and institutional investors, angel networks, venture capital firms, and government grant programs. Additionally, BESCO provides entrepreneurs with access to resources, mentorship, and guidance to help them navigate the challenges of building and scaling their businesses.
  • Education and Support: BESCO is committed to promoting entrepreneurship education and providing support to startups at every stage of their journey. The association organizes educational programs, workshops, and mentoring sessions to equip entrepreneurs with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to succeed in their ventures.

By being a part of BESCO, Digamont gains valuable exposure to the entrepreneurial community and can leverage the network and resources provided by the association to further its growth and contribute to the overall development of the Bulgarian innovation industry.