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Dnevnik: Financial Welness in Three Simple Steps

The association with the spa industry, in which a person takes care of the well-being of his body, is not accidental. – says Tatyana Dimitrova from Dnevnik, explaining what financial health is – A state in which a person can fully cover their current obligations, feeling secure about their financial future.

his is a part of the presentation done by our CPO Zornitsa Nikolova for ViziWealth as a  participant in the sixth edition of the “MoitePari” expo. The difference between money and wealth is that having wealth makes it possible to make choices that increase the overall quality of life, she emphasized. She also reminded that people often in everyday life consider the question of financial health as a short-term topic, but it is rather long-term.

Experts estimate that over 80% of people do not have clear financial goals, have fragmented assets and lack clarity about their net financial position. Based on this, Zornitsa Nikolova suggested three steps to achieving financial wellness.

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