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digamont nominated in the Startup category of the BAIT Awards 2022

We are pleased to announce that we have been nominated in the Startup category of the BAIT Awards 2022 with our app ViziWealth. It is a software application, which allows the user to integrate all their assets (investments, bank accounts, etc.) and liabilities (loans, credits, etc.). It relies on open banking for real-time data and allows individual and family financial goal planning and cash flow management, with the idea of achieving financial wellness. The platform is also positioned as a digital hub for expert services to support user decision-making that leads to the desired outcomes. Our motivation for developing the product is that in our part of the world, even people with sufficient incomes have low financial literacy and struggle to manage their money effectively to achieve their long-term goals. In most cases, the management of personal finances is limited to short-term budgeting and chaotic investments, which does not result in the comfort that one’s finances are adequately managed. With ViziWealth, we offer a holistic approach to financial planning that grants people the peace of mind they are looking for. 

More About the BAIT Awards:

BAIT Awards 2022 Ceremony

BAIT (Bulgarian Information Technology Association) is an organization that has been around for a long time, its first award ceremony being in 2004, when BAIT established the prestigious annual award “For significant contribution to the development of information and communication technologies”. In 2011, the Board of Directors of BAIT decided to change the format of the competition, in accordance with the goals and tasks of the association and the changed socio-economic situation in Bulgaria. The number of categories increased significantly. In addition to the previous two, the following were added: Educational Award, Student Award, Public Administration, Business Innovation, Corporate and Social Responsibility, STARTUP Company of the Year, E-business and Mobile Solutions. By increasing the number of categories, the association’s aim is to give due credit to all individuals, institutions and companies who, with their professionalism, innovation and active civic stance, have contributed during the year to the development of information and communication technologies. We belong in the Startup Company category, where the association accepts private companies with registration no more than 3 years, which produce an innovative, complete, ICT product/service with market realization, guaranteeing sustainability. The project should also be entering the market quickly, being recognized by customers and partners alike. We are grateful to have been a part of this initiative.