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ViziWealth featured in Digitalk&A1 Awards ‘23

We are glad to announce our participation in the  Digitalk&A1 Awards ‘23 competition that supports and rewards innovative start-ups. Here at Digamont, we believe that financial health is just as important as physical and mental health and through our app ViziWealth, we want to help users manage their financial health. 

Today, it is hard for people to effectively take care of long-term financial planning (both personal and family). Especially in times of crisis, we tend to either act spontaneously and invest chaotically, or freeze in total inactivity, which results in not saving money in time for long-term goals – education for the children, a home, a car, maintaining a good standard of living in the future, financial security for old age, etc. 

We offer a holistic approach

Our app allows users to gather all their assets (investments, bank accounts, etc.) and liabilities (loans, credits, etc.) in one place, relying on open banking for accurate, real-time data. It enables individual and family financial goal planning and cash flow management with the idea of achieving financial wellness. The platform is also positioned as a digital hub for expert services that support the decision-making process leading to the desired goal. 

Our CEO, Tsvetelina Peteva expands on the subject: “We offer a holistic approach in solving the problem and help the user by automating the compiling and analysis of information from their various bank accounts, based on the capabilities of Open Banking and PSD2. The expected impact of ViziWealth on the lives of users and their families is for them to improve their financial situations, increase their overall wealth, widen their financial literacy. They can also plan for important life goals, protect their family and heirs and reduce the stress that their unclear financial situation and future causes them“, she concludes. “Future developments include expanding the scope of the application through product features, as well as entering other markets.

Contest Description:

Digitalk&A1’s initiative is to create “a society of the most technologically advanced organizations”, and it has been a great way to take a glimpse at a new community of inspiring businesses. The contest is aimed at companies from all sectors of the economy that have implemented projects with so-called “technologies of the future”. The jury is composed of representatives of business, the academic field, non-profit organizations, the start-up community, etc.