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Digamont Participates in the Exciting Startup Reality Show, Drazkite

Yes, we did it! We recently took part in the highly anticipated startup reality show, Drazkite (The Daring Ones) by Bloomberg TV Bulgaria. Drazkite is the first in Bulgaria reality format that showcases the journey of aspiring startups as they pitch their idea, receive mentorship, and compete for success.

Drazkite, a captivating reality show for startups, offers a unique platform for emerging entrepreneurs to demonstrate their innovation, determination, and business acumen. The show exposes the participants and they present their idea, receive guidance from industry experts, and strive to make their mark in the competitive business landscape.

Digamont’s flagship product, ViziWealth, had the honour of being featured on Drazkite, gaining exposure to a wide audience of viewers and potential investors. The team showcased their vision for ViziWealth, presenting their innovative approach to financial management and their commitment to empowering individuals to achieve financial wellness.

Although Digamont did not make it to the finals on this occasion, the experience was invaluable. The team received valuable feedback from the show’s mentors, including Angel H. Angelov, Genoveva Christova, and Angel Hadjiev. Their guidance provided insights and perspectives that will further enhance ViziWealth’s development and growth.

Drazkite by Bloomberg TV Bulgaria is not only an entertaining and engaging television program but also a valuable platform for startups to gain visibility, receive mentorship, and connect with potential investors and partners. The show shines a spotlight on the journey of entrepreneurship, showcasing the determination, resilience, and creativity required to succeed in the competitive startup ecosystem.

To watch Digamont’s journey on Drazkite and learn more about ViziWealth, you can visit the video.